About Durham School

Durham School provides a first-class all-around educational experience.

All pupils, from age 3 through to 18, enjoy the equality of opportunity necessary to fulfill their potential, are well-prepared for further education and have the confidence to face an ever-changing global environment.

To ensure this, Durham School provides a broad and balanced curriculum of GCSEs, iGCSEs and A-Levels and places great emphasis on giving pupils the flexibility to choose the curriculum which best suits them.

In all aspects of school life, whether through lessons or through the extensive co-curricular program, Durham School allows pupils the opportunity to excel. Inspirational teachers and outstanding teaching foster a culture of scholarship, creativity and enquiry, and develop pupils’ ability to work confidently both independently and alongside others.

Through the outstanding pastoral and tutorial care, delivered through the House system, Durham School provides the support needed to nurture pupils so that they leave Durham School with a passion for learning and a ‘Confidence for Life’.