Durham International Schools Limited is pleased to announce that it is working with Enfly Education to set up Durham Education Technology Ltd for the development of Boarding Education Technology for China.

An agreement was signed on Monday 7th June 2021 and Durham International Schools are excited to work together with Durham Education Technology to help build high quality boarding education for China based on the Durham School model.

Durham Education Technology plans to work closely with Durham School to help to create a Quality Control Standard that takes the best practices of Durham School to help deliver high quality education for the Chinese Education System. Their ambition is to build and develop technologies, practices and procedures that help to improve education standards for China. Whilst promoting and protecting the reputation of the Durham School brand, Durham Education Technology Ltd will create a quality standard that chimes with Durham School’s Values and Standards (moral integrity, ambition, responsibility and kindness) and follows the ‘three pillars’ of Durham School (academic challenge which gives students a lifelong appetite for learning; pastoral care to provide our students with emotional, moral and spiritual strength and co-curricular opportunities which enrich and develop the individual, and foster leadership, collaboration and teamwork): the combined outcome of which will deliver a ‘Confidence for Life’ to the School’s children.

Informing work has already been undertaken, including a comprehensive architectural concept and design brief with AHR as well as a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Enfly Education and Durham International Schools Ltd. Future development will concentrate on the building of education technologies, practices and procedures that can be delivered within the latest Chinese national education policies. Durham School has a rich history that dates back to 1414, has a strong worldwide reputation and with an already established international footprint it is now a step closer to opening a school in China.

Mr McLaughlin Headmaster at Durham School said:

‘As Durham School continues to establish its international footprint ,I am delighted that with the formation of Durham Education Technologies Ltd the reality of a Durham School opening in China is now achievable: here in Durham our School’s community is very excited about and wholly committed to this project.’ 

Mr NC Millen OBE – Director International Operations Durham School 

‘Enfly Education is a thoroughly professional company with a clear understanding of what Chinese parents want for their children at school, the regulatory framework within which education must be delivered in China and shares a joint vision with Durham School. With Enfly Education based in Chengdu and its UK office in Manchester, Durham School will be able to work closely through established personal contacts to develop and deliver Durham, Educational Technology Ltd’s vision. I am entirely confident that an already strong partnership will now grow even stronger and I much look forward to working together to deliver great education for children in China.’