The Vision

The vision of Durham International Schools Limited is to deliver outstanding education to young people around the world.

At the very heart of this initiative is the resolve to inspire young minds and to instil in pupils a ‘Confidence for Life’. This stems from Durham School’s long-standing tradition of academic, pastoral, sporting and cultural excellence.

In order to spread its reach, Durham International Schools Limited will work with investors in different countries to establish schools that closely follow Durham School’s philosophy of academic challenge and aspiration in a supportive and inclusive community.

With an uncompromising dedication to the quality of education, each International School will reflect the ethos and values of Durham School, focused on dynamic, inspirational and student-centered teaching.

Recruitment of the highest quality staff will be a priority. Staff will be expected to have a passion for education, a willingness to work hard and in the interest of students be able to stretch them in areas outside the curriculum.

Successful university admissions will be a key objective for the family of Durham International Schools; its pupils will be expected to study at some of the world’s top universities including those of the Russell Group in the UK, the Ivy League in the USA, as well as other leading universities from around the world.